Give this heart to someone in need. Write your intention for this person on the enclosed card. Your intent might be for healing, courage, strength, love, forgiveness or other purposes. Let the person know that when they are finished with the heart, they may keep it or pass it on to someone else in need—knowing that Intent Heals and “All Hearts Are One.”

Journey of the Journals

Lending Hearts

Intent Heals Journals

  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Global interconnectedness
  • Interdependency

Mindful use of the Intent Heals JournalTM activates one's ability to heal on personal, interpersonal, and global levels. 

~Expand the circle of healing~
Join the thousands around the world who are using the journal for inner peace and well-being.

In gratitude to the incredible people who made this video possible: Gary Harrison, PBS - WFYI Indianapolis, creator and producer, Judy and Mother's Nature Sun for filming venues, and Anne and Sharon, Bottom Line Performance, for their guidance and expertise.

Transform and Heal
your Life~