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Transform and Heal
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Remember Me Essences

High Vibration Intention Spray and Healing Anointing Oils


 These all natural oil blends instantly calm, lift and initiate a deep healing process within. Each time you use them, they will remind you of your true essence—a divine spiritual being.     Experience the magic that everyone is raving about!

Oh, I feel calm and happy! ...                                                                   I feel so light, happy and energized

It reminds me of something. ...                                                                 Familiar, comforting...                         

Wow, what is that tingling going down my arms?                                  My pain is gone!






“Remember Me”


High Vibration Intention Spray and Healing Anointing Oils




A perfect blend of the yin and yang energies are embodied in these all natural blends of Intention and Healing. Working together, the vibration of these blends assists you in remembering your true essence – a Divine Spiritual Being.









Intent – High Vibration Intention Spray


First feel the light, ethereal, high vibration energy of this Intention Spray and then experience how it begins to bloom and deepen into manifestation. Acting as a guide and teacher Intent assists you to center into your intention.  The ritual itself of spraying with clear intention holds an amplifying power that moves the etheric energy of thought into manifest energy in the physical realm. 


Healing – Pure Healing Anointing Oil Blend


Experience the sense of being deeply loved with this magnificent Healing blend that protects, lifts, warms and promotes healing in the purest realms. Meditate before applying the Healing blend to clearly visualize the healing you are intending.  The Healing roll-on moves the manifest energy being experienced in the physical realm toward a pure energetic realm where all healing is possible.









Directions for use: Best results are realized when you use the Intent spray first.  Center and set a clear intention.  Spray mist in front of you, step into it, allow, and be. Feel your intention manifest.  Roll the Healing anointing oil onto your temples, pulse points, bottoms of feet and over needed areas of healing (not on open wounds). Clearly visualize the healing you are intending.  Rest in the powerful healing taking effect. Hold the feelings of love, warmth, and support for yourself.


Other uses for Intent spray:  Spray on your meditation area. Spray your bath water, your pillow, a map or atlas to send healing to other countries or people around the globe.  Adding the high vibration energy spray to the written word is extremely powerful.

Spray your Intent Heals journal, a written letter, or pictures of loved ones.  






Intent Spray - Essential oils of Neroll, Monarda, Sweet Orange,

Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Magnolia leaf, Oak moss, Geranium and

Labdanum Chia flower essence and Selenite crystal essence in Blessed water


Healing Roll On - Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood,

Spikenard, Eleml, Rose Otto and Geranium in a base of Argan Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil



*Please Note~

The Intent spray and Healing roll-on should be stored in an upright position.