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Call Elaine (317)730–5481 to join an Intent Heals Workshop.

Nature's Karma, Carmel, In July 28th 10am- 12 noon
Healing Touch, Indianapolis September 8th, 1-3 pm
Heartland Miracles, Indianapolis, Sept. 9th  1-3 pm
Unity of Sedona, Sedona, AZ, Sept. 24th 1-3 pm
Harmony Farm, Dayton, OH, October 6th 1-3 pm
Silver Salon, Indianapolis, Oct 27th 10am-12 noon

To schedule a workshop for your organization or community, contact Jennifer Johnston.

The collective energy of an Intent Heals Workshop has a powerful and lasting effect on participants. The workshop introduces the Intent Heals JournalTM and invites participants to experience their own healing through the power of remembrance, gratitude and forgiveness. Workshops are especially valuable for team-building and stress relief in the workplace. Natural venues for workshops include

  • corporate settings
  • schools
  • health care facilities
  • hospice
  • churches
  • prisons
  • health and wellness centers

Workshops can be provided on-site and include a handmade Intent Heals JournalTM in its silk bag for each participant in this 90-minute session.

Intent Heals JournalTM
A Testimonial

"...I listened with great interest to Jennifer’s story and have no doubt that it was a divinely guided mystical experience. I believe Spirit delivers messages all the time to anyone who is open to receive divine guidance.

After a short break, it was our turn to experience the power of these beautiful Prayer Journals. Jennifer asked us to write down in our personal journals anyone who came into our minds. It was my intention to write down everyone in my family—those living, those deceased and those whom I had never met but were in my ancestral lineage.

In the space of about ten minutes I wrote down anyone and everyone who came to mind. Then as instructed, I held the journal to my heart and sent each person love. As an energy healer, I have developed much sensitivity over the years and I could feel the energy of love travelling back through generations of my ancestors. It seemed to keep going and going until it finally ebbed to completion. I was amazed by the clear perception of the healing process that had occurred. But what followed next was even more incredible. After the energy of love had travelled as far back as it could possibly go, there was a stillness for about ten seconds followed by a huge TIDAL WAVE OF LOVE that came back from my
ancestors completely enveloping and enfolding me. It was one of the most incredibly uplifting and loving experiences that I have ever had.

Thank you, Jennifer, for creating such a powerful healing tool which heightens our awareness that each one of us has the power through intention and prayer to heal ourselves and bless others.

Patricia Wagner is a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor and has been practicing meditation, studying metaphysics and using energy in healing since the 1980’s. Her distance healing sessions join the power of Quantum-Touch®, intention, presence, silent prayer, meditation and gratitude. She is the owner of Grace Unlimited, a center for consciousness-raising, energy healing, healthy living and spiritual growth in Ocala, FL. Patricia can be contacted at

New Initiatives

The “Give & Forgive” Program

This hour long experiential workshop is designed to teach middle school children the harmful effects of bullying, and begin the healing process for both the bullies and the bullied.  Students will learn new behavioral and relationship skills that will reduce the incidences of bullying. They will experience how intention, gratitude and forgiveness can create healing and how the act of forgiveness can release hurts. 

Students will:

~ Understand the social and emotional components of why children bully other students.

~ Learn new behavioral skills designed to reduce the incidences of bullying and being bullied.

~ Learn relationship skills that aid in the prevention of bullying by better understanding student differences.

~ Experience the power of forgiveness and gratitude as a result of the focused intention of healing in their lives.

~ Lend their “Heart” to someone they have hurt, or to someone they determine to be in need (may be family member or themselves).

Lending Heart Exercise

Students will be given a glass heart in an organza bag with a card in it. The student will be instructed to write the name of someone they have hurt with an intention for that person or an apology. They will give them their “heart”.  The person receiving the heart will then pass it on to another person in need (or to someone they have hurt) when they have finished with the heart with the understanding that “all hearts are one.”

We are asking for donations to support this program.  Click Donate button below to help.

National Spiritual Reconciliation Program~

A hospice and palliative care program for patients and families to address and resolve end-of-life issues. Piloted for three years by Hospice of Volusia/Flagler, this program has enabled social workers, chaplains and bereavement counselors to help patients work through grief and  forgiveness issues and find peace.

Marketing Partners ~

Intent Heals is interested in interviewing people who have a deep commitment to their spiritual path, strong facilitation skills, and a passion for teaching others to open to gratitude, forgiveness and transformation. If you embody these qualities and wish to expand the circle of healing around the globe, while earning a supplemental income, please contact Jennifer Johnston at

Elaine Voci, Ph.D,
an Intent Heals facilitator, life coach, and author of three inspirational books writes of her experience:

I feel very privileged to serve as an Intent Heals facilitator and to bring these wonderful journals to more people. Each time I facilitate a workshop I am touched by the participants’ experience of the journals. Each gathering is unique but I notice that there are often shared and similar expressions of gratitude, and a desire to put aside old upsets as a feeling of oneness and unity occurs. People are comforted by the process and many are energized by it. I love the simplicity and power of the workshop and I take seriously the importance of creating sacred space in which healing can occur. It is a joy.”