Description of Healing Tools


Transform and Heal
your Life~

Intent Heals Journal™

The Journal offers unique promise for anyone willing to hold their world—all their hopes and fears, joys and pain, forgiveness and gratitude—and spend just a few minutes every day in quiet contemplation. It is our hope that all who use these handmade Journals will recognize that their focused intent and prayer for healing will profoundly impact those remembered and written in their Journal—including themselves.

Special pricing for Lending Hearts when added to Journal orders and no additional shipping charge.

Lending Hearts: “All Hearts Are One”

Give this heart to someone in need. Write your intention for this person on the enclosed card. Your intent might be for healing, courage, strength, love, forgiveness or other purposes. Let the person know that when they are finished with the heart, they may keep it or pass it on to someone else in need—knowing that Intent Heals and “All Hearts Are One.”