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                      Spirit's Message


In December 2004, a few days before the tsunami devastated Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia and swept away 200,000 people, I was directed by Spirit to record the names of everyone I had ever known. For two nights  I listed more and more people who had touched my life. I relived significant milestones and all the sweet and bitter memories through the years as I wrote down the names that flooded my thoughts. The experience of this remembering had a profound effect on me. I was filled with gratitude as well as awakening to the forgiveness work I had yet to do. Then the third night I was directed to fold the pages between my hands and send healing and love to each and every person whose name I had written. That was the night the tsunami hit. The next morning, as I watched the images of human loss, I had a profound realization of our global interconnectedness. Each of the people on my paper was connected to hundreds of others, and each of them to hundreds more. 

A year later, I was inspired to make my experience of December 2004 available to everyone, to create a tangible way for us to draw deeper within ourselves to remember each person who has had significance in our lives and send those souls love, light, healing and wholeness. With the help of friends and others who grasped the significance of this work, every door seemed to open effortlessly to create the Intent Heals JournalTM. From the design of the journals, to the discovery of the Nepali company where Tibetan refugees hand-craft the journal, to the organizations and individuals who have helped put the journals in the hands of thousands world-wide, the process has affirmed my knowledge that this project is divinely guided.

I hope that all who use these handmade journals will recognize that their focused intent and prayer for healing will profoundly impact those remembered and written in the Journal - including themselves.

- Jennifer Bachman, MEd, Intent Heals Founder

Our mission is to foster inner healing, peace and forgiveness through the Intent Heals Journal TM.

Our vision is to promote awareness of global interdependency and our connectedness to one another.